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Gestalt Theory

How we perceive the world

Gestalt principles are based on cognitive research and how we perceive the world through our senses. Gestalt principles provide the foundation for creating accessible designs and establishing UI patterns within those designs. A screenshot from Battlefield One: Spectator Mode Closure This diagram shows a dotted line, but the brain perceives... [Read More]

Principles of Usability

Seven building blocks to good UX

When designing menus within a game, follow these seven principles for a consistent and accessible user experience. Example from the Metal Gear Solid Customization screen Seven unique items per screen Having more than seven unique items on one screen will overwhelm most users. Display only the most important information, which... [Read More]
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Be aware of potential problems

Always be on the lookout for anything that can make for an unpleasant user experience. Stick to your guidelines. Don’t copy and paste from other games, because you might lose the opportunity to create the visual identity and feel of your game. When designing UI for your game, be aware... [Read More]


Quick overview of Designing UI

Research Art and design Form and function Before starting any kind of work, plan in broad strokes to establish the pillars of the game’s UI and its creative direction, tone, and themes. Visual Identity Typography and Shapes Icons and Color The core components of the UI are typography, shapes, and... [Read More]