• Art and design
  • Form and function

Before starting any kind of work, plan in broad strokes to establish the pillars of the game’s UI and its creative direction, tone, and themes.

Visual Identity

  • Typography and Shapes
  • Icons and Color

The core components of the UI are typography, shapes, and icons. To come up with something unique, experiment with these components as much as you can.

  • Brand, Identity, Limit
  • Legibility, Treatment, and Accessibility


  • Composition and Mockups
  • Frontend and HUD: Static, Motion, Interactive

Think about the composition, HUD, and front end. Use different mockups to test motion and interaction to ensure that players understand the flow and how the game will play out. Experimenting early will make your work easier.

Invisible forces

  • Constraints and localizations
  • Platform-specific considerations, TRC and/ text overflow, regional sensitivities
  • Platform-specific constraints; the TRC and localizations