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The Basics

When designing icons, use the following basic rules: Minimum screen size: Icons must be legible at the minimum size displayed. Simple and varied: Keep the details simple, but have enough variety to tell the icons apart. 1” x 1” is the maximum displayed size. TIP: Try using the squint test.... [Read More]
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Design for more than one language

Localization A translated string of text might be shorter or longer than its original version. In Arabic and Hebrew, text is right-aligned. These are but some of the factors to be considered before and during localization of UI. Tip: To safeguard against an overflow of translated text, design your text... [Read More]
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The Basics

When used effectively, typography can enhance the layout of UI elements and simplify the task of navigating and absorbing the information presented. Effective use of styles and fonts helps to visually communicate the brand of the title and to keep the user immersed in the experience offered by that title.... [Read More]
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Alignment and anchoring

Straighten up and design right

Alignment and anchoring As a rule, always left-align elements for markets in the West, where most users read from left to right. For markets in Asia and Middle East, right-alignment might be required for localization purposes. Keeping these rules in mind can help create layouts amenable to localization. In the... [Read More]
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