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HUD Components

Overview of common HUD components

In the HUD, information graphics are often layered on top of the gameplay. This helps players keep track of the core gameplay information, such as the score, health, time, item totals, location, and direction. Health The health of a character or vehicle can be displayed as a number, percentage, graphic... [Read More]
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HUD Design

Genre-specific examples

Driving and Flying Games of this genre usually give the player an option to position the camera for one of three possible points of view (POVs): first, second, or third person. By default, the camera would point directly ahead of the vehicle, with focus at the horizon of the game... [Read More]
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Layout of the HUD

Know your place in the game

Follow these two main rules when designing the layout of the HUD: Do not obscure core gameplay with HUD components. Make HUD components clear and legible from 10 feet away. Game genres vary with respect to gameplay strategies, camera positions, and focus of action. In most genres, however, HUD components... [Read More]
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Component Layout

How to layout UI in a menu

Focus Areas Develop a clear understanding of the flow a typical user takes when viewing a screen and start blocking out the UI that follows this flow. Typically, the eye starts at the top left and scans to the right or to the bottom left. Create an experience that presents... [Read More]
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