Driving and Flying

Games of this genre usually give the player an option to position the camera for one of three possible points of view (POVs): first, second, or third person. By default, the camera would point directly ahead of the vehicle, with focus at the horizon of the game world or at the center and top third of the screen. The lower third of the screen would be reserved for the vehicle and HUD information.

Forza Horizon 3
Default POV in Forza Horizon 3

Screenshot from Battlefront

Action and Shooting

These games usually have two camera positions that provide two distinct but interchangeable views. The focus of the gameplay is on a reticle centered on the screen, so the majority of action takes place in the center. The HUD is displayed in the corners of the screen, away from the main gameplay:

Titanfall 2
Screenshot from Titanfall 2

The Division
Screenshot from Tom Clancey’s The Division

RTS and Simulation

The HUD in these games tends to be more complex than in other games. The camera is fixed at the top and is pointing down, to produce a ¾ view. Most of the UI is placed around the perimeter of the screen, for maximum playable game space.

Halo Wars 2
Screenshot from Halo Wars 2

Jurassic World Evolution
Screenshot from Jurassic World Evolution

Platform games

Platform games started as side-scrollers, where players would move a character from one side of the screen to the other by maneuvering it around obstacles, puzzles, or enemy characters. More recent platform games offer 3D worlds and the ability to control characters with a third-person camera. The primary focus of a platform game remains in the center of the screen. Health, lives, and score are displayed at the top, and mini-maps and similar items are placed in the bottom corners.

MAX: the Curse of Brotherhood
Screenshot from MAX: the Curse of Brotherhood

Super Lucky's Tail
Screenshot from Super Lucky’s Tail


These games are played with one opponent against another, with the gameplay focusing on the bottom two-thirds of the screen. The camera is placed on the side of the world, like the traditional platform genre. The HUD is placed at the top of the screen and displays health and score on the sides and a timer in the middle.

Killer Instinct
Screenshot from Killer Instinct

Screenshot from UFC


Sports games are different from most genres because the camera’s position depends entirely on the sport. Layout of the HUD tends to follow broadcast designs; typically, the score and time are displayed at the top or bottom of the screen.

NHL 18
Screenshot from NHL 18

NBA 18
Screenshot from NBA 18