An objective is a goal that a player must achieve to progress in a game. In some games, objectives are constant and presented only at the beginning of a level. In other games, objectives change and must be displayed to keep the player up to date.

Halo Wars 2 screenshot Screenshot from Halo Wars 2

How an objective is displayed is determined by its importance. Ideally, a core objective is displayed on a standalone screen, at the start of each game level. The objective can also be displayed in the loading screen.

If the objective changes because the player completed a task or simply decided to change the objective (if the game allows), then the objective-related messaging is secondary to the overall gameplay and can be displayed below the health or ammo count, on the left or right side of the screen.

Forza Horizon 3 screenshot Screenshot from Forza Horizon 3

Another way to display an objective is by using an on-screen/off-screen indicator that shows the direction of the objective. This is commonly done in conjunction with a compass.

Halo Wars 2 screenshot Screenshot from Halo Wars 2

Feedback shown to the player depends on how the objectives are displayed:

  • If there is a single objective and it is displayed at the beginning of the game, then display feedback on an end-of-level screen.
  • If there are several objectives, then display them in a list and use a checkmark beside each completed objective. As the objectives are completed one by one, move them off the screen, to make room for new objectives.

Jurassic World Evolution screenshot Screenshot from Jurassic World Evolution