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Popup Menus

Overview of popup menus

Use pop-up screens to immediately call the player’s attention to game-changing and game-blocking events. Pop-up text must be concise, direct, and very easy to comprehend. In a message that requires a Yes/No answer, make the question as clear as possible. Avoid double negatives and ask a direct question that can... [Read More]
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Menu Components

Overview of Common UI Components

Static mockups are the building blocks of a UI. Establish the core components of your UI, such as buttons, drop-down lists, sliders, and progress bars. Experiment to come up with the most appropriate tone, theme, and art. List The vertical list is probably the most common component of menus. The... [Read More]
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2D Artwork

8 Different visual elements in games

2D artwork is a major part of developing the UI. When designing graphic elements such as dog tags, metals, thumbnails, and loading screens, think about how all these elements fit within the visual identity of the game. Here is a list of possible 2D elements a UI artist or designer... [Read More]
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Raster vs Vector

Which technique to use

Most games use pixel-based raster images throughout the UI because these images are easy to use and implement. However, raster images do not scale up well, so they might not be the best solution for some games. Vector images can be easily scaled to any size, by using points and... [Read More]
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