Motion Mockups

Genre based design examples of objectives

Motion is another way to call attention to specific elements on the screen. Use motion to transition from menu to menu, introduce important information, and show various button states. The style of motion can have a major impact on the look and feel of a UI. Use the timing of... [Read More]
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Marketplace Mockups

An overview of storefront menus

Marketplace To create a great marketplace, we must encourage and guide players towards a successful transaction. The best designs of the Marketplace screen accomplish this by following these four key areas of design, while maintaining a seamless UX: Navigation At every step of the process, heighten the users’ expectations and... [Read More]
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Static Mockups

An overview of game menus

Menu Flow The basic flow of modern video games takes cues from the classic coin-operated video games of the early 80s. To provide great UX, use the following core steps to structure the menu flow of a video game: Introduce the game. Provide information on the rules and controls of... [Read More]
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