Be aware of potential problems

Always be on the lookout for anything that can make for an unpleasant user experience. Stick to your guidelines. Don’t copy and paste from other games, because you might lose the opportunity to create the visual identity and feel of your game. When designing UI for your game, be aware... [Read More]


Quick overview of Designing UI

Research Art and design Form and function Before starting any kind of work, plan in broad strokes to establish the pillars of the game’s UI and its creative direction, tone, and themes. Visual Identity Typography and Shapes Icons and Color The core components of the UI are typography, shapes, and... [Read More]

Art vs Design

Does it look or feel good?

Art Direction: “Does it feel good?” Art Direction is the use of art and design to create an emotional connection with the player. Art Direction comprises the overall concept and guidelines that the design must follow to ensure the game elicits an emotional response from the player. Art Direction adds... [Read More]

Design Process

Design is not Linear

Although a good design might look simple and easy to use, the design process itself was probably far from linear. In fact, Design Process is usually messy and involves multiple iterations and refinements, and some ideas get tossed out completely. To simplify the Design Process, begin by looking at the... [Read More]

UI vs UX

A brief comparison between UI & UX

UI: User Interface UI can be thought of as a tool for creating a product’s layout. UI consists of the following: The navigation and components that allow the user to interact with the system The messages and information communicated to the user Because UI is the most tactile, visceral, and... [Read More]

Design for the Senses

Touch Sound Sight

To create an immersive experience, the successful games design for more than one sense. The more senses you want to design for, and the more immersive experience you want to create, the more planning you have to do. Because using the senses of taste and smell in games is not... [Read More]