Focus States

Keep the player focused and informed

Focus states To guide players through menus, provide a reticle or pointer. A small pointer will help players identify where to focus on the screen. When the pointer hovers on a button, change the button’s appearance to indicate that the area is available for interaction. In most controller-based games, the... [Read More]
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Shape Language

The elements behind visual harmony

Shape Language specifies how your art will look and how various elements will create visual harmony. It sets the visual identity of the game: from low-fidelity block-outs, to high-fidelity assets. Shape Language should inform the style guides and support the cognitive aspects of the design. Shape Language comprises the building... [Read More]
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The Basics

When designing icons, use the following basic rules: Minimum screen size: Icons must be legible at the minimum size displayed. Simple and varied: Keep the details simple, but have enough variety to tell the icons apart. 1” x 1” is the maximum displayed size. TIP: Try using the squint test.... [Read More]
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