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This site is intended for people who make games. It is an open forum to empower our community to speak freely and share our experiences.

We have years of industry experience that is worth sharing, but we cannot do this without you. We welcome your feedback. We encourage your collaboration.

We all benefit as a community and are stronger together than a single voice.

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Tools of the Trade

Here are some popular applications that UI designers use to create UI layouts and assets: HDR graphics will require compatible software and changing your settings from 8-bit to 10-bit. Here are some popular applications that UI designers use to create UI layouts and assets: Photoshop in 32-bit mode, The Foundry’s... [Read More]
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Creating a functional workspace

Set up a workspace conducive to creativity and productivity, a place where you can test your designs properly. Design and build at your desk, but test in an environment that closely simulates that of the player. Use the following equipment to test input and to identify potential issues with legibility,... [Read More]
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Representation of UI

Different types of HUD Design

The four types of HUD UI are Non-Diegetic, Diegetic, Spatial, and Meta. Each UI has its pros and cons, as well as distinct budgeting requirements for art direction, pre-production, implementation, and design. Non-Diegetic UI Non-Diegetic UI is detached from the gameplay. The characters do not interact with the UI elements,... [Read More]
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Design Vocabulary

Terms and topics to know

HUD The heads-up display, or HUD, is an in-game UI used extensively in core gameplay. The information communicated through the HUD varies according to the genre and game. Although certain HUD components are expected in some game genres, a game designer might decide to replace them with in-game solutions. The... [Read More]
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