Lee B Steg

With over 25 years in the entertainment-interactive industry, Lee has developed a wide range of skills to flush out ideas and design by holistically understanding the user experience. Always pushing the boundaries of design and creatively thriving by thinking outside-the-box, Lee enjoys most working in a team atmosphere and encourages experimentation and creative participation.

Over the years, Lee has seen all types of productions big and small, leading teams of designers, programmers and artists in developing the front end, HUD and presentation features on a number of AAA published video games. One of the most valuable insights to producing a quality user interface is understanding your restrictions & limitations and use them to your advantage!

Omer Younas

Working in the video game industry for over 12 years, Omer has driven the design for many industry-defining AAA franchises. He began his career in UK working on racing games, later transitioning on to the FPS genre with the CRYSIS franchise. After moving across the world to Los Angeles, he broadened his experience working on Hideo Kojima’s METAL GEAR SOLID V as well as the BATTLEFIELD franchise to date. Omer Younas - Official site

Aiming to create engaging, user experiences whilst crafting aesthetically appealing designs; his focus and eye for detail can be seen throughout his body of work, continually driving improvements through extensive live-service experience. His working knowledge and broad skill-set accommodates large areas of visual design for both digital and print; crafting style guides, visual identity systems, key art, iconography, motion graphics, merchandising as well as internal & external marketing material. Learning, collaborating and sharing knowledge has been at the core of Omer’s workflow, allowing designers and engineers to benefit and evolve together as the industry continues to grow and shift alongside its userbase.

At GDC 2018, Omer presented a 60-minute session on ‘Art Direction for AAA UI’ which outlined core principles of UI and UX, with detailed examples from major console and pc titles. Leading on from the success of the session, Lee and Omer collaborated to create this resource expanding on the original talk; a reference guide detailing relevant principles, best practices and over a combined 37 years worth of experience used to create industry-leading game UI - all for free.

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